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PT. Nandan Mehta Shastriya Taal-Vadya Spardha
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Saptak - Nostalgic Moments
Shri Maulik Shah & Ms.Ishira Parikh - Kathak
Raga :Various Taals
Duration :62:24
Tabla :Joby Joy & Vasishth Shastri
Date/Year :13/1/2009
Occasion :Saptak Annual Festival
Venue :Kashiram Hall, Ahmedabad
Recording :Live Recording
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Saptak has established itself as one of the most prominent and prestigious music festivals of India. Its contribution to Indian Classical Music Scenario has been phenomenal. The moving spirit behind Saptak, Mr.Nandan Mehta alongwith Smt.Rupande Shah, Smt.Manju Mehta, Smt.Bhartiben Parikh and Prof.D., more details.....

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